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Episode 13 Season 2 Finale! Ho Ho Hopefully: On the Very Merry Christmas Music That Warms Our Hearts Every Holiday Season

Adrienne and Katarina celebrate the end of season 2 with an episode all about the best kind of music, namely Christmas music. Snuggle up to this cozy episode as our hosts talk about the wonders of starting the Christmas season with the right music, singing cowboys, Mariah Carey’s modern classic, Eartha Kitt’s strangely sexual ‘Santa Baby,’ and more! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Episode 11 Season 2! The Neighbourhood: On the Alluring Hit "Sweater Weather" and Their Bewitching Discography

Listen to Adrienne and Katarina discuss The Neighbourhood and their entrancing albums such as I Love You, Wiped Out!, and Hard to Imagine The Neighbourhood Ever Changing - the perfect way to celebrate that sweet, sweet “Sweater Weather” - in Episode 11 Season 2 of Rhapsody in Reverie!

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Episode 3 Season 2! Songs About Jenny: Dissecting the Name Phenomenon That Appears in Music From The Killers to Tommy Tutone

Listen to the third episode of season two on Songs about Jenny from artists such as The Killers, Taking Back Sunday, and of course Tommy Tutone!

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