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And We Back! Episode 1 Season 3! Anything But Romance!: Ending Cuffing Season With Songs of Sex, Heartbreak, and Self Love

Listen to the season 3 premiere of Rhapsody in Reverie where Katarina and Adrienne say goodbye to the Post Valentine’s Day glow and hello to the end of cuffing season with some quality break up songs and more from George Michael, Carly Simon, Ariana Grande and more!

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Episode 13 Season 2 Finale! Ho Ho Hopefully: On the Very Merry Christmas Music That Warms Our Hearts Every Holiday Season

Adrienne and Katarina celebrate the end of season 2 with an episode all about the best kind of music, namely Christmas music. Snuggle up to this cozy episode as our hosts talk about the wonders of starting the Christmas season with the right music, singing cowboys, Mariah Carey’s modern classic, Eartha Kitt’s strangely sexual ‘Santa Baby,’ and more! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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