Introducing Rhapsody in Reverie, New Podcast about Music

Hey there listeners!

So glad you came! Welcome to the website of Rhapsody in Reverie - a weekly podcast started by myself (Adrienne) and Katarina about music and life. If you are here reading this and/or listening to our podcast, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Neither of us really know what this project has in store for us, but we are honored to have anyone spend a little of their time with us.

About six years ago, I met Katarina when she and I were dorm room neighbors in our freshman year of college. Our friendship grew out of late night conversations over Spotify playlists, concerts and Chinese take out. Over the years, those conversations have made us laugh, dance, cry, you name it. I don’t think either of us would have made it without those nights to just be human and love music together. With Rhapsody in Reverie, we wanted to give those good vibes back to anyone else who may need a friend to just kick back with for the love of music. 

So without further ado, Katarina and I are pleased to bring you Rhapsody in Reverie! New episodes will be going up every Monday. Each episode will feature discussion on an artist that we love and why we need their music in our lives. There will be laughs, embarrassing stories, and potentially singing (off key on my part). 

Our first episode about Fall Out Boy is up today and we hope you sit back, take a listen and enjoy the ride with us!