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Six years ago, fate and college brought California native, Adrienne, and Florida native, Katarina, together in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. Now embarking on a new adventure into the real world, Adrienne and Katarina are turning to the music they love in order to survive, understand, and enjoy life as they know it; and this time, they're bringing you along for the ride.


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New episodes of Rhapsody in Reverie are released on Tuesdays each season. Season 3 Begins in February.



Hosted by: Adrienne Beckham and Katarina Kapetanakis

Recorded by: Adrienne Beckham and Katarina Kapetanakis

Produced and Edited by: Adrienne Beckham

Main Logo Designed By: Helena Kapetanakis and Kaylee Kostage


About The Hosts

Adrienne Beckham is a 24 year old freelance writer and virtual assistant living in Philadelphia, PA. Like everyone on this crazy planet, Adrienne dabbles in a lot of things all at once. She spent five years studying Economics at Drexel University, she has written for music blogs, and as she continues to try new things, she is more and more certain that everything she does in this life is just another incredible adventure filled with passion and excitement and tension and everything else you’d find in any good adventure tale. As such, the driving forces behind her work on this podcast are her passion for music and the 24 year adventure she has had with it. 

Katarina Kapetanakis is a 24-year old amateur writer and musician who spends her days working as a social media writer. After graduating from Drexel University with an English major, she is currently based out of her native South Florida. Most of her writings these days are travel articles for the blog of a Greek villa company, though previously she’s written blog articles for publishing houses and charities. Though writing has always been an essential part of her life, her passion for music, be it because of her deep personal connection to it through her history or her admiration of good songwriting, had yet to be properly expressed. When her friend Adrienne approached her about working on the podcast, she jumped at the chance with the desire to do two things: tell good stories, and share good music. She feels she’s on track so far.

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Rhapsody in Reverie has been Downloaded 1,739 Times to date in 77 countries and 46 US states after just three seasons.


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