Episode 3 Season 2! Songs About Jenny: Dissecting the Name Phenomenon That Appears in Music From The Killers to Tommy Tutone

Our hosts shake things up this week to bring you their first-ever themed episode! Adrienne and Katarina dive headfirst into the surprising multitude of songs about Jenny that exist in our world by artists like The Killers, Taking Back Sunday, John Denver and Tommy Tutone. Who is Jenny? Why is everyone writing songs about her? Why is she such a heartbreaker? And was Jenny really a friend of mine? Listen and find out!

Show Notes:

1:41-- Introduction: “We’re doing a Theme”

3:19 -- Why Does Everybody Talk About Jenny?

5:47 -- The Guinevere Conspiracy

10:50 -- “Jenny” by Nothing More [Discussion]

15:51 -- Everyone Wants to Get Wrecked by Jenny

20:45 -- “867-5309/Jenny” by Tommy Tutone [Discussion]

24:34 -- “Jenny was a Friend of Mine” by The Killers [Discussion]

29:24 -- Circling Back to the Conspiracy

35:45 -- Adrienne Tries to Salvage the Conversation

39:36 -- “Poor Jenny” by The Everly Brothers [Discussion]

43:07 -- Final Thoughts (“Who Hurt You?”)

46:52 -- Up & Comers: Bedroom / Boredom and half•alive

50:56 -- Outro

53:42 -- Hint for Next Week’s Episode

Songs Mentioned in this Episode:

10:13 -- “Jenny Rebecca,”  Olivia Newton John

10:29 -- “Jenny Dreamed of Trains,” John Denver

10:50 -- “Jenny,” Nothing More

15:30 -- “Jenny from the Block,” Jennifer Lopez

16:31 -- “Cut Me Up Jenny,” Taking Back Sunday

20:45 -- “867-5309/Jenny,” Tommy Tutone

24:34 -- “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine,” The Killers

25:53 -- “Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf,” The Killers

25:56 -- “Midnight Show,” The Killers

33:06 -- “Delilah,” Tom Jones

33:18 -- “Runaround Sue,” Dion

35:16 -- “You’re My Only Girl (Jenny),” Barry Manilow

35:23 -- “No Love for Jenny,” Barry Manilow

37:10 -- “Jenny,” The Studio Killers

38:45 -- “Jennifer,” Little Comets

39:35 -- “Poor Jenny,” The Everly Brothers

Up & Comers Songs Mentioned in this Episode

47:42 -- “still feel,” half•alive

49:27 -- “Pill,” Bedroom / Boredom

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