Season 3 Episode 4! David Bowie: Discussing the Interstellar Discography From the Ziggy Stardust Era to His Final Goodbye Blackstar

This week, Adrienne and Katarina tackle the discography of the real Starman waiting in the sky: David Bowie. Bowie’s legacy is one of fascinating experimentation, breaking boundaries, and a testament to the power of presentation. From an astronaut stranded in space, to an androgynous bisexual alien from Mars, to a dystopian future a la 1984 and beyond, Bowie’s music and storytelling abilities have transported fans into an alien mindset, acting as an outsider looking in, and in doing so revealed to listeners what being human truly meant. Buckle up, listeners: it’s gonna be quite the intergalactic ride.

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Show Notes


0:39 - Intro

5:25 - “I’ve Never Lived in a World Where I Didn’t Know About David Bowie…”

13:36 - “ Battlestar Galactica…”

16:29 - DDR Comes Through Again

26:30 - The Concept of Image

33:00 - Katarina Tries to Name Her Top 3 Albums

37:00 - The “Space Oddity” Rant

40:29 - Hunky Dory: A.K.A. Another Point for Adrienne’s Alien Conspiracy

45:47 - Gettin’ Ziggy With It

50:21 - The “Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide” Rant

1:00:19 - So Long, Starman

1:04:19 - Sponsor Break: Wine Dark Sea Villas

1:08:00 - Up & Comers: Fast Car to Florence

1:10:20 - Outro


Songs Mentioned in this Episode


48:20 - Starman--David Bowie

50:14 - Moonage Daydream--David Bowie

50:18 - Ziggy Stardust--David Bowie

50:21 - Rock ’N’ Roll Suicide--David Bowie

54:16 - I Wish You Would--David Bowie (originally by The Yardbirds)

1:00:21 - “Heroes”--David Bowie

1:00:32 - Rebel Rebel--David Bowie

1:00:39 - Beauty and the Beast--David Bowie

1:00:44 - Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)--David Bowie

1:00:54 - Magic Dance--David Bowie

1:01:25 - I Took a Trip in a Gemini Spaceship--David Bowie

1:01:29 - Lazarus--David Bowie

1:01:37 - Dancing in the Street--David Bowie, Mick Jagger

6:40 - Under Pressure--Queen (feat. David Bowie)

7:52 - Space Oddity--David Bowie

17:25 - Let’s Dance--David Bowie

19:13 - Space Oddity--David Bowie

20:07 - Changes--David Bowie & Butterfly Boucher

20:45 - Blackstar--David Bowie

34:10 - The Laughing Gnome--David Bowie

35:40 - Please Mr. Gravedigger--David Bowie

39:51 - Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud--David Bowie

39:54 - God Knows I’m Good--David Bowie

39:58 - Cygnet Committee--David Bowie

40:29 - Changes--David Bowie

43:17 - Life on Mars?--David Bowie




Up & Comers Songs Mentioned in this Episode


1:08:52 - Something Better--Fast Car to Florence

1:08:53 - Sick on My Own--Fast Car to Florence

1:08:55 - Just Smile--Fast Car to Florence

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