Season 3 Episode 5! Top Down, Radio Up: Preparing Our Ultimate Road Trip Playlist With Great Tunes From Panic! At The Disco, Fleetwood Mac, Hozier and More

So what makes a good road trip song, anyhow? Is it how it sets the mood, from turning your foot to lead and causing you to race down a highway to maybe taking it slow and reflecting on how far you’ve come? Is it it’s maximum sing-a-long potential, whether or not you’re driving alone or with your best friends, exploring the country? Or is it just whether or not it’s about actually driving around? The gang are about to take a drive down the journey of what makes a good road trip anthem, and they’re taking you along for the ride. Better buckle up.

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Show Notes


34:02 - Searching For America

41:00 - Lighten the Mood

45:48 - Kids Jamming Out In Cars

56:19 - A Certain Kind of Homecoming: Take Me Home, Country Roads

1:00:52 - All We Have Is Time: Your Heart, Your Car, Your Radio

1:16:23 - Sponsor Break: Wine Dark Sea Villas

1:21:06 - Up & Comers: Jade Bird

1:24:17 - Outro + Hint

0:39 - Intro

3:41 - Hills & Valleys

10:52 - Soundtracks to Looking Out A Window: A Cinematic Digression

16:29 - On The Road Again

23:26 - Lulls

26:59 - Our Cars, Our Music, Our Memories

31:49 - A Second Cinematic Digression

Songs Mentioned In This Episode


46:06 - Sunflower -- Post Malone, Swae Lee

46:49 - Worst Nites -- Foster the People

47:02 - Don’t Take the Money -- Bleachers

49:20 - The Chain -- Fleetwood Mac

49:40 - Jolene -- Dolly Parton

50:18 - Landslide -- Fleetwood Mac

51:37 - American Pie -- Don McLean

51:58 - Bohemian Rhapsody -- Queen

55:55 - Keep Yourself Alive -- Queen

55:57 - Fat Bottomed Girls -- Queen

56:05 - Don’t Stop Me Now -- Queen

56:23 - Take Me Home, Country Roads -- John Denver

1:01:22 - Maps for the Getaway -- Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

1:03:29 - Bridge Burn -- Little Comets

1:04:51 - Little of Your Love -- HAIM

1:05:32 - Fast Wine -- Machel Montano

1:06:27 - Carolina -- Harry Styles

1:07:01 - What I Know -- Parachute

1:09:31 - Ooh La La -- Faces

1:10:03 - What A Fool Believes -- The Doobie Brothers

1:10:18 - Unwell -- Matchbox Twenty

1:13:22 - Harmony Hall -- Vampire Weekend

1:14:55 - I’ve Seen All Good People: a. Your Move, b. All Good People -- Yes

4:59 - Danger Zone -- Kenny Loggins

6:13 - Life is a Highway -- Rascal Flatts

12:59 - Wash. -- Bon Iver

18:11 - Away We Go -- Bad Suns

19:11 - Rearview -- Bad Suns

21:52 - To Noise Making (Sing) -- Hozier

22:59 - Dinner & Diatribes -- Hozier

23:06 - Jackie & Wilson -- Hozier

23:26 - Wasteland, Baby! -- Hozier

24:15 - Venice Bitch -- Lana Del Rey

27:04 - Drops of Jupiter -- Train

34:42 - America -- Simon & Garfunkel

39:22 - Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard -- Paul Simon

39:38 - You Can Call Me Al -- Paul Simon

41:36 - Ready to Go -- Panic! At The Disco

41:46 - Sunshine Riptide -- Fall Out Boy

41:51 - Bishop’s Knife Trick -- Fall Out Boy

42:20 - Please Don’t Tell My Father That I Used His 1996 Honda Accord to Destroy the Town of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania in 2002 -- Pet Symmetry

44:16 - Go -- The Chemical Brothers

44:43 - Body Like a Back Road -- Sam Hunt



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Up & Comers Songs Mentioned In This Episode


1:23:04 - I Get No Joy -- Jade Bird

1:23:06 - Uh Huh -- Jade Bird

1:23:07 - My Motto -- Jade Bird


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