Season 3 Episode 3! Janelle Monae: Exploring Monae's Musical Wonderland from The ArchAndroid to Dirty Computer

Adrienne and Katarina return to form this week as we dive into our first solo act of the season: Janelle Monae! Our dynamic duo dissect this incredibly talented and experimental artist that has broken musical boundaries for years now, both vocally and thematically, crafting incredible tales of science fiction with her albums while delivering biting social commentary, and of course, absolute bops. Will Adrienne be able to stop rambling about how much she loves Janelle Monae? Will Katarina finally understand the overarching plot of The ArchAndroid? Will the podcast goblin return with another irritating hint? Tune in and find out!



Show Notes


0:39 - Intro

4:27 - Taking Things to the Next Level: Discovering Janelle Monae

18:45 - An Overarching Concept: Exploring the Cindi Mayweather Story

28:57 - Comfort in the Unsettling

35:40 - We All Just Wanna Stare at Booty

40:00 - A Beautiful, Bittersweet Celebration

51:28 - Top Five

1:02:00 - Ad Break: Wine Dark Sea Villas

1:07:51 - Up & Comers: Mat Kerekes and Frankie Cosmos

1:13:25 - Wrapping Up + Hint



Songs Mentioned in this Episode


8:39 - Dance Apocalyptic

27:31 - Suite II Overture

27:44 - Cold War

27:47 - Tightrope (feat Big Boi)

28:17 - Oh, Maker

29:39 - Screwed (feat. Zoe Kravitz)

33:00 - Primetime (feat. Miguel)

33:55 - Sir Greendown

35:39 - Yoga

40:26 - Pressure Off (Duran Duran feat. Janelle Monae)

42:41 - We Are Young

45:51 - What An Experience

48:39 - Open Happiness (feat. Brendon Urie, Patrick Stump, Janelle Monae, Travie McCoy, Cee-lo Green)

52:26 - Wondaland

53:16 - Electric Lady (feat. Solange)

54:21 - BaBopByeYa

58:59 - Violet Stars Happy Hunting! (feat. The Skunks)

59:10 - March of the Wolfmasters

59:30 - Come Alive [War of the Roses]

59:52 - Pynk (feat. Grimes)

1:06:02 - Crazy, Classic, Life


Listen to the songs we discussed in this week’s episode on Spotify!



Up & Comers Songs Mentioned


1:09:23 - “Ruby”--Mat Kerekes

1:09:28 - “Direction”--Mat Kerekes

1:09:33 - “My Lucky #3”--Mat Kerekes

1:11:22 - “Jesse”--Frankie Cosmos

1:11:29 - “Outside with the Cuties”--Frankie Cosmos

1:11:32 - “Fool”--Frankie Cosmos

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