“People to Love”: Tall Shaves is Back (and the hype is real)

Tall Shaves Photo.jpg

Your friendly neighborhood indie folk-pop duo is coming back with a new single!

Yes, our old friends Tall Shaves aren’t taking much of a break. In February they released their first (and fabulous) EP Two For Tuesdays, (much to our delight), and now only a month or so later, are releasing a new single.

“People to Love” is a gentle reminder for those of us who are cynically wandering through this seemingly never-ending winter that all we really need are people in our lives that we love. For those of you looking for some kind of relief from how cold the world is right now - be it from the arctic windchill or the more metaphoric chilliness of people nowadays - this song is like a little ray of sunshine for about 3 minutes. It feels like a friendly pat on the back while you walk down the street with your best friend after a really long day. It feels like an unexpected hug from a stranger.

The warmth of the violin beautifully compliments the folksy guitar, and the subtle piano seems to dance along with the song. I think I’ve listened to this song on repeat for two hours. I’ve officially reached a blissful state of being that I would not have otherwise achieved. Once again I am so, so happy with the musicality of Tall Shaves’ Paige Temperley and Kieran Taylor, who have come together to make a really beautiful piece of music about appreciating the people in your life. And of course, I’m a sucker for good whistling.

The track opens with Paige singing about how odd she feels that people tell her not to worry, that greater fame and success is on the way, when she is so grateful for those people who are already her fans, showing up to sing along and support her already. Kieran echoes with a similar sentiment, acknowledging that he has what he needs to grow and build a successful future, and doesn’t need to look outwardly for growth and happiness. They both just need people to love.

It’s a fascinating sentiment to hear from a smaller band because the stereotype of an up-and-coming musician or band is the neverending grind, the almost-obsessive drive to be the best and to be wildly famous or else they’re nothing. Instead, “People to Love” celebrates the fans and the people who love and appreciate them already. It’s as if they’re saying they don’t need the world to love them since they know there are people who have been touched by their music already and love them for it.

I loved “People to Love,” but I think that goes without saying. I’ve said before that I’m psyched for a full-length album from Tall Shaves, but now I can also say that I am taking the time to be grateful for the music they’ve put out into the world thus far. They’ve really made something beautiful.

“People to Love” is out everywhere March 15th.