New Music Alert! Listen to The Escapades New Song, "Stay"

Photo Courtesy of The Escapades

Photo Courtesy of The Escapades

Our boys The Escapades are back with a brand-new single, and boy are you guys gonna love this one.

We first talked about The Escapades as one of the artists for episode 12’s Up & Comers, when they had just released their first single, “Kleptomaniac.” It was a certified banger as far as I was concerned, and from the moment I heard it I was excited to hear more from them. So, if you can imagine how happy I was to be given a listen to their soon-to-be released single “Stay,” then you have a pretty good idea as to how this review is going to go.

“Stay” is one of those songs that gets your blood pumping. It makes you want to dance, or in my very specific case, makes you want to drive down a sun-lit highway in a convertible with the top down. It’s a dreamy, sunny track that exudes a fair amount of cheekiness and endears them to you with the kind of brash and unabashed love of Rock music that makes you smile. 

“Stay” sounds like somebody calling to you while you’re lost in thought, jerking you violently awake in the chorus and confronting you with a choice: should you stay or should you go? Is it a sort of answer to The Clash? I mean, probably not, but it’s sort of fun to think about.  So much about this song reminds me of earlier rock and roll, though: an inherently rebellious tone, expert musicianship, and lyrics that are fun to sing along to that don’t get lost in trying too hard to sound complex. They’re going “organic” in a sense, returning to musical roots we didn’t even realize so much of the industry has strayed from. 

Kieran Taylor’s smooth vocals really get to shine in this track, especially the power in his voice. He and Oliver Steel (Lead/Rhythm Guitar), Patrick Kelly (Drums), and Jack Laws (Bass) come together in an almost effortless way. I love that they’re focused on bringing rock back to basics, focusing on some pretty bangin’ guitar (LOVED the opening riff), great drums, smooth bass, and strong vocals. 

It seems simple, and perhaps on paper it reads as too simple in a world where musicians get to experiment with all types of non-traditional rock instruments and elements. But trust me when I say that in this kind of world - where wild experimentation is the norm - going back to basics is wild. Finding ways to be creative within those organic boundaries is very difficult, and yet The Escapades manage to sound fresh and new and fun. “Stay” really is such a joy to listen to, and once again confirms how excited I am for The Escapades to release their EP.

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