Song Review: "Orange English Sun" by Deep.Sleep

Photo Courtesy of  Pillar Artists Management

Photo Courtesy of Pillar Artists Management

We may be still be on a summer break, but we’ve got another new music recommendation for your summer all lined up. If you are in the mood for a new song to take on your next road trip, give the latest single, “Orange English Sun,” by the UK band Deep.Sleep a spin.

My California roots have made me a pro-sun kind of person, so any song that makes me feel like I’m enveloped in a sunny day has always held a special place in my heart. “Orange English Sun” gives you the joy and innocence of a summer day in musical form. The melody worms its way into your head until you can’t help but sing along to the hook and dream of July road trips and the beach.

Musically, Deep.Sleep has a familiar indie pop sound filled with infectious guitar riffs and a pounding drum beat that charges you up, embodying the youthful invincibility that runs through the lyrics of the song. Closing my eyes, the crashing symbols conjure up memories of roaming San Francisco streets and wasting time on the weekends. 

If you liked The Escapades's song last week, you’re also gonna love Deep.Sleep and for good reason. Deep.Sleep’s songs all carry that comfortable summer vibe that I just can’t get enough of these days. Perhaps I’m getting swept up in the current of nostalgia. Or perhaps its the burning sun in Philadelphia. Whatever it is, a song like “Orange English Sun” is just what I need. It feels good, it feels warm, it feels like home.

Listen to "Orange English Sun" on Spotify and check out Deep.Sleep on Twitter!

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