Season 3 Episode 8! I Don't Care If I'm a Guilty Pleasure For You: Discussing Our Secret Favorite Songs From "Burning Up" By The Jonas Brothers to "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada

This week, Adrienne and Katarina decided that they should start Spring getting rid of some skeletons in their closet. Yes, Listeners, it is Guilty Pleasures week, featuring all the songs that you love but are too scared of societal backlash to admit it. Or maybe you just have a couple of mean friends who would absolutely roast you if they found out some of these songs are your favorite tunes. Or, in the case of our hosts, maybe you just have some really embarrassing memories attached to this classics. Whatever your reason for labeling them that way, our Guilty Pleasures episode is here to celebrate our secret faves.

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Show Notes


35:29 - The Bieber Digression

37:52 - Boys in the Band

44:57 - Stupid...But Fun!

57:27 - Sponsor Break: Wine Dark Sea Villas

1:00:09 - Up & Comers: Pool Kids

1:04:25 - Outro

0:39 - Intro

2:57 - “I Don’t Really Believe in Guilty Pleasures...But…”

7:41 - The Cringe of Youth and AMVs

24:38 - Art and Culture

30:03 - Gems of Today


Songs Mentioned in This Episode


39:11 - “Burnin’ Up”--The Jonas Brothers

42:07 - “Any Kind of Guy”--Big Time Rush

43:12 - “What Makes You Beautiful”--One Direction

43:50 - “Strip That Down”--Liam Payne, Quavo

45:47 - “Party in Your Bedroom”--Cash Cash

47:36 - “Shake It”--Rediscover

48:46 - “Like ‘Em All”--Jacob Latimore, Diggy Simmons

50:14 - “All For You”--The Secret Handshake

50:20 - “Allow Me to Introduce Myself...Mr. Right”--The White Tie Affair

51:53 - “Wuthering Heights”--Kate Bush

53:03 - “MY DICK”--3OH!3

54:08 - “Take A Chance On Me”--ABBA

55:11 - “Catchy Song”--Dillon Francis, T-Pain, That Girl Lay Lay

13:04 - “Here In Your Arms”--Hellogoodbye

13:53 - “More Than Friends (That’s Right)”--3LW

19:19 - “I’m Still Here”--John Rzeznik

22:34 - “Simple and Clean”--Hikaru Utada

23:31 - “Face My Fears”--Hikaru Utada, Skrillex

24:50 - “Big Enough”--Kirin J Callinan, Jimmy Barnes, Alex Cameron, Molly Lewis

27:26 - “Everytime We Touch”--Cascada

30:17 - “Trap Queen”--Fetty Wap

32:36 - “679”--Fetty Wap, Remy Boyz

33:08 - “Purple Lamborghini”--Skrillex, Rick Ross

36:01 - “Beauty and A Beat”--Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj

36:28 - “Thought of You”--Justin Bieber




Up & Comers Songs Mentioned in This Episode


1:02:12 - “They Only Care About My Fills And Not My Feels”--Pool Kids

1:02:48 - “Patterns”--Pool Kids

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