Episode 11 is here! Harry Styles: On the Former One Direction Member's Impressive Solo Debut and 70s Style

In this week’s episode, Adrienne and Katarina discuss British artist, Harry Styles. This 24 year old former One Direction member released his first solo self-titled album last year and dominated charts with the lead single “Sign of the Times”. Listen to Adrienne and Katarina discuss 70’s inspired songs like “Carolina” and “Kiwi”, praise Styles’s work as a solo artist, and attempt to process their feelings about Harry Styles’s transition from boy band to center stage.

Show Notes

01:11 - Artist Introduction
02:31 - We Are Actually Doing a Harry Styles Episode
05:07 - First Impressions of Sign of the Times Single
07:55 - Harry Styles’s Authenticity
09:49 - Harry Styles’s Classic and Timeless Style
11:22 - Self Titled Debut Album Discussion
32:28 - Favorite Harry Styles Songs
37:51 - Up and Comers: Soft Glas and Great Good Fine Ok

Harry Styles Songs Mentioned in This Episode

05:07 - “Sign of the Times”
11:22 - “Meet Me in the Hallway”
14:24 - “Carolina”
17:39 - “Sweet Creature”
20:39 - “Kiwi”
25:33 - “Ever Since New York”
27:20 - “Woman”
30:09 - “Alfie’s Song (From Love, Simon)” by Bleachers
32:52 - “From the Dining Table”

Up and Comers Songs in This Episode

38:45 - “Perks of Being a Sunflower” by Soft Glas
40:12 - “By My Side” by Great Good Fine Ok
41:02 - “Change” by Great Good Fine Ok
41:12 - “Easy Lover” by Great Good Fine Ok and Panama Wedding

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